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Honor Killings

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 Gospel Revolution | Comments

This podcast is currently unavailable pending review by Mike Williams Ministries.  Please visit our main page for current Powercasts. In this Gospel Revolution podcast, Mike Williams and Glenn Klein discussed many topics.  We were especially graced by a call from Richard Mull of Garden Grove, CA.  Richard talked about the fact that he's looking forward to the coming weekend in Calgary, AB for the upcoming conference.  Richard's condition came up in the conversation because he is dealing with 4 different cancers, some of which are in stage 4.  Richard was asked why his outlook and stamina was so good considering his health status.  He said the freedom of the Gospel gives him an outlook far beyond the cancer.  We also want to thank Vic d'Obrenan of Calgary, AB - Canada, who is our host this upcoming weekend at the conference in Calgary.   Vic thanked Mike for connecting many Christian anchor verses, such as John 3:16 with their actual scriptural meaning from the scriptures in the Prophets in the Old Testament.  This podcast ended with a discussion about prayer, but also with an understanding or clarification that this Gospel is not a dictate to do or not do, be or not be, act or not act other than to follow your own heart...pray if that's where your heart leads you as well as speak in tongues, go to church...follow your heart.  These are not Gospel issues!