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The Favor of God or Parking Space Spirituality?

Thursday, April 25th, 2013 Gospel Revolution, Gospel Revolution Webcast, Gospel Revolution Powercast | Comments

In this Gospel Revolution Powercast, Mike Williams and Beres Bartlett discuss the favor of God and what it means for this life and eternity.  Mike explains that events in this physical world are not the results of a "good God or bad Devil."  That is not where the favor of God is valid or even relevant.  The favor of God was made manifest at the cross for the whole world regarding all things eternal.

Why Tithe?

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 Gospel Revolution, Gospel Revolution Webcast, 2012 Archives, Archives | Comments

In this Gospel Revolution podcast, we kicked off a special "publishing fundraiser" for Mike's long awaited and upcoming book One - The Gospel According to Mike which is going into production and will make it's official world debut some time in October, 2012 (stay tuned).   Mike Williams and Glenn Klein started this broadcast off with the announcement that the due date of the book is soon and this was the "Baby Shower" fundraiser to raise the money for the initial publishing, distribution and marketing costs of the book.  Thanks to Dena Brehm for calling in from Dallas, Oregon and contributing to the show and the fundraiser.  Thanks always to Moses Gachau Ngata, of Nakurutown, Kenya, the President of the Gospel Revolution School of the Scriptures in Kenya, for providing us with a great gospel question about the identity of man in relation to both Adams - the first Adam (human creation) and the last Adam (the redeemed creation in Jesus Christ).

The Lord’s Prayer Fulfilled

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 Gospel Revolution, Gospel Revolution Webcast, 2012 Archives | Comments

This podcast is currently unavailable pending review by Mike Williams Ministries.  Please visit our main page for current Powercasts. In this Gospel Revolution podcast, Mike Williams and Glenn Klein discussed the recent conference this past weekend about the book of Proverbs in the Bible and Solomon's other writing, Ecclesiastes, and the religious abuse that can come from trying to raise children by the "wisdom" of Proverbs, when Solomon himself later wrote Ecclesiastes that it was all "vanity".  Thanks to Howard Wirch, who called in from Dauphin, Manitoba and was also at the conference and shared what he and his wife could already see and understand from their own religious background.  Special thanks also to Moses Gachau Ngata for his emails, insights and encouragements!  Asante sana Moses G. Ngata!